Polly joined Talks at Google to talk about her career, her two recent US book releases, 'The Kindness' and 'Perfect Lives', and her songwriting process.

Published: Wednesday 25th May 2016.

'The Kindness' has been published in paperback in the UK, Brazil, Italy, India, the United States, and Australia.

"A gem of a novel."
The Bookseller

"A gorgeously chilling novel."
The Independent

"The main ingredients of this novel are deceptively simple. A man; a woman; a house; a child; a long-kept secret to be revealed, not in a fanfare, but in a series of small and somehow terrible revelations, tortuous as the human heart. It is a beautifully-written and intricately-constructed piece of writing; shining, poetic and sumptuous; a portrait of a sunlit lake, which at any moment may reveal itself to be the scene of a tragedy. Polly Samson is a writer of great insight and sensitivity; her novel is moving, wistful, wise and ultimately hopeful; grown-up in all the right ways, but still with a simplicity that comes directly from the heart."
Joanne Harris

"Dark, sensual and clever. I loved this book so much I finished it then started re-reading it to see how she did it."
Jojo Moyes




You can order a signed and dedicated copy of 'The Kindness' (shipped globally) from Lutyens & Rubinstein


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